Innovation within Virtual Regatta by Patrick Umba-Kalombo

Hello Patrick could you please introduce yourself ?

Project manager at Virtual Regatta, an innovative company in the field of online sailing games. I mainly work on innovative projects or new concepts.

Looks like Virtual Regatta is really into innovation these times and is proven every day that there is no more barreers between virtual and realit. What is the impact on your day to day work of this -nomorefonteer- for VR and the vision behind

In terms of innovation, Virtual Regatta is leading the way and we believe that there are no longer any barriers between virtual and reality. As a project manager, this means that we are always seeking ways to improve the user experience and push the boundaries of what we can offer our players.

I don’t have other example of such concrete activations, and recently VR got 3 big news about this : Could you please explain ?

Virtual Regatta has launched several innovative projects, including the Metaverse experience which provides players with real-time virtual events, “Du Virtuel Au Reel” which combines the concepts of Star Academy and Nissan Academy to offer a unique gaming experience, and The i-Roboat Challenge, a competition aimed at designing and building a robotic boat to navigate at sea using AI technologies.

Could you please tell us more into details about the Metaverse experience ?

The Ocean Race Metaverse is an immersive experience that allows sailing fans from around the world to interact in a virtual environment and experience an ocean race as if they were there in person. It is a collaboration between The Ocean Race, consulting company Accenture, and Virtual Regatta. The project includes a series of online activities, exclusive fan events, showcasing of partner brands, and initiatives to raise awareness for ocean conservation.

The other big innovation for me is “Du virtuel au reel”. A mix between Star Academy and Nissan Academy right ?”

The “Du Virtuel au Réel” project allows a Virtual Regatta community player to participate as a co-skipper in the offshore race Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre 2023. It is the first time a virtual player will be able to transition from the digital world to the real world and experience a unique adventure aboard a Class40 at sea.

I think it’s really exciting and valorising to work on such projetcs rights ?

Working on these projects is exciting and rewarding, as it allows us to create something new and offer it to our users.

You are reel but who is your favorite virtual character?

Iron Man with no hesitation 😀

Why ?

  • His intelligence and creativity, able to design and build a variety of different armors.
  • His determined and courageous attitude, willing to take risks to save the world.
  • His humor and charisma, adding a lighthearted touch to even the most serious situations.
  • His complexity and humanity
  • His interesting link between the VIRTUAL and REAL world, thanks to his armors equipped with advanced technology
Iron Patrick



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