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The group presents a unique profile in the gaming industry by being the only evergreen gaming platform (over 50 games) bringing together passionate and loyal communities, cumulating over a billion games played each year.

Historically built around the bridge ecosystem (in which it is number 1 worldwide) the company has turned a corner over the past few years, with structuring acquisitions around mind games and other timeless games with a global reach.

It is now the world leader in more than 5 “evergreen” categories, such as bridge so (BBO, Funbridge), e-sailing (Virtual Regatta), tarot, Canasta and Dominos, to name but a few.

BBO games
Bridge Base Online

The largest bridge site in the world with duplicate, tournaments, daylongs with robots, vugraph, and many more.


Funbridge allows to play bridge for free with no commitment, to play an unlimited number of deals.

Virtual Regatta

Virtual Regatta, conceptor, developer and publisher, the undisputed leader  e-sailing video games.

VIP Games

VIP Games is a multiplayer gaming platform with over 30 cards, board and dice games from around the world!

Exoty Tarot

The largest community of tarot players in the world! Play with 3, 4 or 5 players, and get into leagues.


With over 100 million downloads, Dominos is the #1 board game on mobile.


The famous dice game, play for free and unlimited against an IA . Measure yourself against the best players online.


VIP Spades is a multiplayer card game with mainly an American audience. It is available in all Spades modes

Exoty Belote

Multiplayer French belote game! The card game in competition mode with Arena, League and thousands of players.


Tournaments, challenges, and clubs are available to all players to advance their skills in this iconic multiplayer French Game!


VIP Belote (Coinche, Contree) is a multiplayer platform played by thousands of players everyday.


The card game made famous by Microsoft, a timeless game in free mode.

Domino Duel

Domino Duel offers a solo or team experience, compete against players from various countries

Canasta games
Canasta Junction

Canasta Junction, the Group’s modern canasta game. No.1 in terms of players and fame.

BBaron games
Bridge Baron

With more than 2 billion deals, Bridge Baron offers you a global and easy-to-use bridge game.

VIP Baloot

Baloot is one of the most popular trick-taking card games in Saudi Arabia, similar to the classic French Belote

CBO games

Our ambition is to become the leader in the bridge market in China thanks to our product expertise.

Aristotle Academy

Your online bridge partner! The first platform to put bridge teachers and lovers in touch with each other