Discover Omer Guler

Working as Community Manager for Virtual Regatta by day, and hitting the dancefloor as a DJ by night, take a musical journey with Omer Guler.

Hello Omer, before we get started, do you have a dj speudo?

Hello There, i started playing music in Istanbul during my university studies. At the time, I was on the sailing team and started making music with one of my teammates. As we were a duo, we called ourselves “B-Trimers”.
Which means “Beat – Trimmers”. Trimming is a sailing term meaning to adjust and optimize the position of the sails. As DJs, we trimmed the beats.
Recently, I had to play at a festival with my duo’s name, and they happened to write OMER on the flyer; I liked it and kept it.

What is your greatest source of musical inspiration?

My greatest source of musical inspiration is the people I meet. I’m always discovering different people from different cultures and backgrounds, and this is reflected in their music. That’s where you can find authentic, rich sounds.

What are the essential skills needed to be a good DJ?

To be constantly on the lookout for new tracks, to do research. You also have to stay up to date and not fall in love with your previous work. A harmonic set with storytelling is essential for a gig.

My Best Set Memory:

During this summer, I had a lot of fun playing on a barge called Le Mazette. The company of my friends made the experience even better, and the atmosphere was electric. My set coincided with sunset, which made the serene beauty of the Paris skyline even more breathtaking on the Seine.

What stage/festival would you most like to mix at?

I’d love to play in Ibiza at sunset in front of an energetic crowd!

Who’s your favorite DJ?

Red Axes – a DJ duo from Israel who play mainly indie dance tracks.

What’s your next news?

I’m starting to produce/direct my music ­čĄ×

Learn more about Omer through several tracks:

Track warm up:

Ali Kuru feat. Ilhan Ersahin – Eplos

take people to the dancefloor:

Rampa – Terrace

Last track to close a set:

S├ębastien L├ęger – La Danse Du Scorpion (Original Mix)

Early morning track :

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – B-Side (Official Video)

Favorite track :

Rampa – Terrace



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