Meet Camille Riquier, our most committed colleague

Hi Camille! I’m very honored to talk to the most environmentally responsible person at 52 Entertainment. You’re the most active on our platform for donation operations. Do you realize that you’re a model for us?

Hi everyone! No, I’m far from considering myself as a model in that regard! I tend to stay humble because I think that even if you have some knowledge on the subject, you can always learn from others. I have a passion for ecology: I love exchanging opinions, sharing and learning even more from others.

Can you tell us more about your daily actions for the planet?

I cook my meals in advance. To do so, I go shopping twice a week to reduce my shopping list and buy only what I’m gonna need. I don’t buy ready-made food, except for treats from time to time, maybe every fortnight. But I always order around 5km from where I live.

For example, for today I’ve prepared yummy ramen cooked the French way 🍝​ Really delicious! 😋​

I use local and seasonal products. I buy vegetables from farmers and bulk food as much as possible.

I turn the wifi off every night and I switch off the devices I don’t use.

I plug everything into multi-sockets and I switch everything off before going to bed. I regularly sort my emails and I unsubscribe from anything unnecessary!

When it comes to mobility, I take public transport to go to work or I car pool with Thomas (he will recognize himself 😉). I’ve decided not to buy a car because I live near Roubaix.

I’m currently having work done at home, so I made sure to increase insulation and I use LED bulbs.

I rarely buy new and when it happens, I check the environmental impact of the product and its consumption. For instance, I keep my clothes as long as possible.

I make my own detergent. It uses less energy and lasts longer!

Finally, I wash myself with savon de Marseille from a soap factory. To help you visualize better, I bought it last year and I think that it will last one more year.

There are also actions that I’ve stopped and that I’d like to resume!

I’d like to start taking a bag with me and collect trash again on my way back home from work or when I walk my dog.

You seem to be very involved in associations and other causes, right? Or is it rather a revelation to you?

Well, yes, I’m involved in an association that fights against unsold food items. It’s called “La Tente Des Glaneurs” and it’s based in Lille. And I’m a member of an association whose aim is to promote local life and create links in my neighborhood.

I’ve also donated to CARE and Amnesty International. And I’d like to make a donation for the animal cause soon.

We can say that I’ve been actively participating in the community life for about ten years, but there’s been a clear acceleration since I became a homeowner.

Being eco-friendly brings me a lot and that’s precisely learning that I find so interesting.

As you know, beyond voting for projects on the NooS platform, you can also take up challenges. That’s what you did and more than one! Which challenge would be the biggest for you?

The biggest challenge would be to organize a cleaning event all by myself. I find the subject fascinating and I’d love to be more active, sharing what I know and learning from others.

And do you have any tips in your everyday life to help raise our readers’ awareness?

I’d advise you to start with an eco-responsible search engine. Personally, I use “Ecosia”. They’re transparent about their consumption and how they reinvest (for instance, x searches help plant one tree).

When you make online purchases, check if the websites redistribute money to environmental causes like Displate.

I strongly encourage you to make your own cleaning products. It’s fun to do as a family activity, with your kids.

If you could start an initiative within the Group, what would it be? (I swear, we’ll try to make it a reality ​😉).

Why not organize something about food? Like a workshop on how to reuse all your food waste in an educational yet fun way.

It would also be interesting to provide solutions and hold fun workshops immediately after. Everyone could bring something he’s not using anymore, and we could reuse it and give it a second life.

We could also create an event like the ZEvent, on the scale of 52 Entertainment to raise funds for associations.

It would be awesome to be able to organize regular clean walks too!



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