Impact day

June 22 2022 has been an essential day for 52 Entertainment group.It was our first #impactday.

One day together to think about our impact and our actions for the climate. As individuals. And as a company. There is an emergency and we all need to awake our consciences and realize that we have to act, quickly, strongly and concretely.

That’s why 52 Entertainment created -Impact52, an internal CSR committee to make concrete our actions and consider CSR as a stakeholder in the group. To lead and amplify our initiatives for a better world.

During this Impact day :

– We presented our ESG strategy, actions and CSR program.

– We got the restitution of our carbon footprint with our partner Sami.

– We have been lucky enough to listen to a brilliant and instructive masterclass by Carine de Boissezon , chief impact officer EDF. Thanks again Carine.

– We were trained in #lafresqueduclimat by our dear Eva Girardet during a very enjoying and learning afternoon.

This is only the beginning. We are already late. It’s time to act and to take concrete measures. It is our responsibility as individuals. And as a company : For our people. For our truthful communities and for our industry. And moreover : For our planet.