Random interview far from home, bridging the 699 km gap!

Discover a cross-interview between two of our talented graphic designers: Chloé Jan and Andrea Fontanella. Each works for different entities within our company. Despite the 699 km distance between them, they share a common passion for design while facing unique challenges in their respective projects.

What recent professional project has inspired you the most, and why?

Chloé: Certainly, the Marina project! It’s a complex project that requires a lot of thought because we’re significantly changing the game’s functions. But it will bring our game up to date! I’m proud to have been part of this project.

Andrea : Not necessarily a project, but a recent professional experience that has inspired me and made me grow is the recruitment of an intern whom I have to tutor. It was an eye-opening experiencing being on the other side of a recruitment processes. Once the right person was found, it was an exciting experience to set up an onboarding program, fixing objectives to help the intern develop her skills, following up on them regularly, showing the ropes of the profession and providing regular feedback. It still is an incredibly valuable experience that inspire me to improve myself.

How would you describe yourself in three words in a professional context?

Chloé: Team spirit, Perseverance, Passion

Andrea: Adventurer. Confident. Ambitious.

What’s the most valuable skill you’ve developed in your career?

Chloé: Over these (almost) 5 years, I’ve learned a lot : technically and interpersonally. I’d say the ability to handle stressful situations/emergencies by finding the best solutions quickly, and also the skill of anticipating and mentally conceptualizing my work ahead to save time.

Andrea: Resilience. Knowing how to adapt and face up to new challenges, and finding the motivation to keep moving on.

Can you tell us about a major challenge you’ve encountered in your work and how you overcame it?

Chloé: There have been times when I doubted myself or feared not achieving as well as I’d hoped. But over the years, I’ve gained confidence, and unwavering support from my colleagues has helped me consistently reach my goals.

Andrea: A major challenge I faced working in the marketing department in BBO, is the visual accessibility of designs (banners, ads and other images) taking in consideration that the average age of our players is quite high and many of our visuals are very small size. I got feedback like: “Add this one long paragraph in this ultra-small ad, please” “Can you include this ultra detailed screenshot as well?” “Oh, add this full sentence CTA on the side” “Make the logo bigger!” (I might have exaggerated a little bit, but you get the point :). I have since made a lot of research and implemented my findings in the compositions. I still need to master the techniques, but we are getting there.

If you could swap jobs with anyone in the company for a day, who would you choose and why?

Chloé: Probably a BACK developer, to better understand the challenges of their role, or maybe Oscar, just to have his cool English accent!

Andréa: I would probably say CSR project manager, as I highly value that the company I work for contributes to a better world and a better workplace for all employees.

What advice would you give to a new employee joining our team?

Chloé: To be themselves and find enjoyment in their work

Andrea: Don’t be afraid to give your opinion and defend your ideas.

What’s the proudest achievement of your career here?

Chloé: Without a doubt, the ‘Du Virtuel au Réel’ project in partnership with Google Chrome, It’s a huge source of pride for me. Making a player’s dream come true was magical!

Andrea: I am particularly proud of the work we did on video for the about page in BBO. As I wasn’t well-versed in video editing and software programs for this kind of final product, this was a good challenge and the results are good.

If you could introduce a new practice or tool to the company, what would you choose and why?

Chloé: This question is for me, haha! Being a nature and animal lover, I would definitely choose to bring my adorable dog to work because, in my opinion, animals bring happiness.
Alternatively, I’d suggest having more activities outside of work hours to get to know each other better.

Andrea: A creative huddle for all designers in the group, with tips sharing and challenges.

What’s the best memory you’ve shared with a colleague?

Chloé : There are so many great memories: meeting colleagues, board game nights (or drinks), and celebrating our achievements together. It’s always nice to celebrate as a team!

Andrea: Definitely the time when the marketing team meet at Alex’s house for a few days. We worked together, laughed together, made some fun activities together and got to know each other in an outside of work setting.


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